Sunday, June 06, 2004

Today's Post Brought to You by the Word 'Tentacle'

It was on hell of a weekend. On Saturday, Dom and I had our Krispy Kremergency after his brass quintet (yes, the Horn Stars is a good name) played at an old folks' home. Allow me to explain the Krispy Kremergency. Dom and I drove to Calgary on Saturday morning for the sole purpose of going to Krispy Kreme, the American (good enough reason to stay faithful to Tim Horton's) doughnut chain. We stayed in Calgary for about 45 minutes (long enough to experience the deliciousness of KK doughnuts, and to get lost in the boonies of Calgary...damn you, internet map site), then we returned to St. Albert. Later that night, it was Marissa's 19th birthday at Cum Jungle (I refuse to call it by its proper name, as the name I choose to call it is much more appropriate). I went to Dominic's house to get ready with Dom's sister, Sierra and her friend, Ryan. The bar was alright, but the three of us were tired, and Ryan ahd to work at 9 the next morning, so we decided to take off. Instead of going home, we decided to go to The Roost on the fly. It was a good time. We danced with a drag queen and did the whole homo-hetero LOVE SUB thing. You may read about my Sunday a little further down.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the creators of the Gorilla and Exploding Banana Q Basic game from 1991. So, from the bottom of our (At least the hearts of Stephen and I, if no one else's) hearts, thank you.
Today is Sunday. I went to work to the factory today (I have another job, but maybe I will talk about that later) at three o'clock. It was a nice, pleasant walk to work. I was in fairly high spirits, considering I was going to sign the next eight hours of my life away. So I walked up into the lunchroom where everyone goes at the beginning of shift. There were about fifteen of us in there, including Large, Un-named Coworker (LUC). This coworker happens to out rank me. Anyway, there was some confusion last week about a basketball game. In the end, it didn't go very well, and it was kind of a thrown together mess. LUC wanted to come out and play, but because it was such a rush job (it was raining, and Tito and BAD were somewhat unsure of how much they really wanted to play basketball in the rain and Jared slept through it altogether), we didn't end up calling him (also, I had lost his number from the night before when Tito, BAD, Jared and I ran into him at Crown & Tower). Well, fast forward to a week later, and LUC bitches me out in front of all the other coworkers for not calling him, as it was, of course, entirely my fault that he wasn't called. So now I'm somewhat pissed off at this behaviour. Message to those who are considering yelling at your coworker in front of other coworkers about a none work related situation, please rethink this. It shows lack of class and respect.
I did have a comment from my last post, wondering why I refer to my boyfriend as BAD. While I cannot divulge this information, as it would ruin my whole name thing, I will leave you with a very subtle hint:It's always funny when people's initials spell words. Good night everyone.


Blogger Sam said...

As for the guy yelling at you at work, there's a reason people work in plastic factories their entire lives.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

I'm not all together convinced that it *is* always funny when people's initials spell words. Take, for example, the purely hypothetical example of one Christopher Andrew Ryerson - C.A.R. Funny? I don't see it.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

It's kind of funny. Hey! Hey you CAR!
What about when all of your names are first names, like Christopher Nicholas Samuel? That's kinda cool

1:11 AM  

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