Monday, June 14, 2004

Let Me Dip a Chip in that Fried Salsa Dancing

It's been awhile. The days since I last wrote in my blog have been both belligerent and numerous (how's the family, Mordo?). I have to get up in five and a half hours. I'm an idiot.
On Friday, BAD and I went to New City to see WNH, but BAD didn't have photo ID (he just got his licence renewed...where the fuck is a peice of paper going to get you? Not into a bar, that's for sure), so we wandered around downtown a little bit and then we headed back into St. A.
Saturday, I worked at the good old factory (by good, I mean suicide inducing), then I went to Nikki's (ah making up names for people I know is getting damn confusing) because Marina (creative, eh?) came back from Qu├ębec that day. It was good fun, met some new people. My admiration will never go away for those people who can juggle. And now I'm going salsa dancing on Wednesday.
Sunday, I worked once again at the factory, this time my regular 3-11 shift. I have developed mighty bruises on my arms.
Today (Monday), I worked at my other job (a doctor's office, of sorts, where I lack formal training for my position, but what can you do?). After work, I watched the leadership debate on the French channel. Pretty damn exciting, let me tell you. It's funny because Stephen Harper was uncomfortable, and it made me happy. I'm still I vote Green or NDP? Decisions, decisions. June 28 is election day. Mark it on your calendars, kids. Represent, represent CUBA...uh, I mean people ages 18-25. I leave you with one thought for Molly :I see you baby, shaking that ass...shaking that ass.....


Blogger Sam said...

I like that you name your boyfriend BAD. This is mainly because Carrie from Sex and the City names her boyfriend BIG. I find the parallels satisfying.

12:44 AM  

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