Monday, November 21, 2005

Do you ever feel like your computer is judging you?

I do. I'm working on yet another essay, and this computer is judging the hell out of me. Mr. Word is making me feel like a traitor to Canadian spelling. "Gray" is the name of a person I'm writing about, but the program underlines it with that nasty little squiggly red line every time I write it. "It's with an 'e', you moron," it seems to be telling me, "you have me set at Canadian English. Why are you writing as though you're a Yankee?" Well first of all, this essay is for my History of American Medicine class, and my prof is from California so she likely wouldn't care how I decided to spell the word. Regardless, it's a name! Jerk. Maybe I should call up a dear old friend, Eliza. She'll make me feel better, by repeating everything I say.


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