Monday, August 02, 2004

I Left my Heart in Montréal

It's been a while.
I just got back from Montréal where I attended my cousin's wedding. I left my heart there because I fell in love (no, not with some French guy) with the city. My cousin, Bex, and I have decided to move there eventually.
Anyway, a couple weekends ago I went on a pub crawl organized by Tito's friend, Hot R. I went with Molly, Tito, BAD, Jared, Garlic Pants and Clay Aiken, just to name a few. We went to Thirsty Turtle, The Druid, Escape and Armoury. It was a good time. I didn't injure anybody this time. I just consumed a lot of McDonald's.
Another thing that happened in the last few weeks: one of my crazy friends from Cape Breton called me. I haven't talked to him forever, so it was great that he called. Farwell is doing sound for Our Lady Peace next spring, the lucky mofo.
My cousin got married in Montréal on Saturday. It was an amazing and partying all weekend. And I love my family to death. They're the most amazing people I have ever met.
I haven't read the newspaper all weekend, so I can't really comment on the political and global goings-on of the past few days...


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