Thursday, December 01, 2005

The theory crumbles like a crumbly cookie!

Well the Eskies won the Grey Cup. It's a little late to be reporting this, but that's ok. It was a ridiculously awesome game. The first Grey Cup tie since 1961, apparently. Ricky Ray was a sexy beast as always, but it might have been nice to put Jason Maas in, too. Everyone knows he earned it. The halftime show was awful. There was an outcry about the Black Eyed Peas being selected to play at the half time show, as they're not Canadian. And they don't give a rat's ass about the CFL. The organizers wanted to attract a younger demographic, or something. Nevermind where the hell they're from though, the fact of the matter is they suck. Didn't they used to stand for something in the pre-Fergie days, besides t&a? Their newest song makes my ears bleed profusely. A deranged (most are) twelve-year-old could have written that (it's all about humps, lumps and icies). And they sounded like absolute shit at the grey Cup. People were also apparently offended by Fergie's gyrating dance moves (apparently not realizing that their children are exposed to things 100 times worse on a daily basis). The funny thing is though, that I'll bet we would have gone less ape shit about the whole wardrobe malfunction situation.

Oh yeah, and the government fell a couple of days ago. The Liberal minority government lost the non-confidence vote, bringing down the house, so that another minority government can be elected next month. People are demanding a change. Well I agree that punishment should take place, and that no government should have the right to get away with that level of corruption, the leader of the opposition is the spawn of Satan. Unless we all get together and bring in enough NDP MPs to elect the Creepy Smiler (which is impossible), we're faced with the choice between Rich White Prick and Rich White Prick Who Doesn't Understand the Concept of the Separation of Church and State (he also hates gay people and he eats babies). The Conservative incumbent will win in my riding, so I'll likely throw my buck-seventy-five at the new Green Party candidate, if he's any good.

Finally two minor things. First of all, we didn't quite make it to December without snow. It came really late this year. I wore shorts to school on November 23...I wasn't extremely comfortable, but it was plus ten degrees Celsius. Now it is minus fourteen, which isn't bad, but we know it will only get worse. I just hope we don't get a week this year, like the one last year, where it was colder than minus forty everyday with the windchill and the buses only showed up when the drivers felt like it. Secondly, I was victim of a random mooning. I was walking from Spanish class to my Canadian Politics class, when a bunch of guys mooned us from FAB.

Spellcheck says...always look both ways before crossing the road, kids. And...
Maas = mash
Fergie= ferric
Fergie's = ferocious

you crusty worm!


Blogger Steve said...

I am officially amused by the fact that Blogger spellcheck has "ferric" but not "blog".

6:51 PM  
Blogger Sean Tisdall said...

I would also call Layton 'rich white prick' as well, but just like Stephen and Paulie he too has lived in government housing.

There's always Tracy Parsons of the Progressive Canadian Party. She's neither rich nor prick.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Heather S. said...

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5:32 PM  
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