Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hello, I'm Neglect-o-tron 5000.

Many things to say, but such a short attention span. Where to start...

Ok. How about that weather, eh? If the groundhog says there will be "another" six weeks of winter, I will laugh. We have yet to experience winter this year. My dad's beloved cross country ski race, the Birkebeinar, was canceled this year due to the lack of snow. In 1997, we had our first brown Christmas since 1939. Christmas 2005 was our first brown Christmas since 1997. If you don't believe in the effects of climate change, then nuts to you. I can go outside without a toque or mittens. I've seen people in shorts on campus, because of the balmy weather (around minus six Celsius). It's crazy!

On a completely different note, Stephen Lewis came to speak on campus on Monday, as part of The U of A's International Week. I went with j-roc and Jo, and I think the three of us were all moved. j-roc lived in South Africa for two months last year working at an orphanage. If you get the chance, pick up Race Against Time, the book form of his part in The Massey Lectures. I am currently enjoying my autographed copy.

Today I discovered that the Luscious Igor Ulanov is married. I am at peace with this fact. There won't be any blogs-that-shall-remain-nameless deleted because of this new piece of evidence. I was already aware that my other favourite Oiler, Shawn "Hottie McHotterson" Horcoff is married. I was also informed today that third place contestant, Fernando "subject of an ABBA song" Pisani is also attached. I will direct my love back to the host of an insult-to-the-intelligence-of-my-age-demographic-news-show. Alright, I admit it. The love never left in the first place.

It's a goldmine...
Birkabeinar = breakpoint
toque = touch
Shawn = Shawnee
Ulanov = no suggestions
McHotterson = mysteries
Horcoff = horoscope
Pisani = pigskin

Oh, tentacles


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