Saturday, August 21, 2004

And He Thinks the Pen is Angry...

So I have started blog surfing. I have found quite a few interesting blogs in my travels. Once Stephen teaches me how to use the language of html, I will put the list up. I also found a blog of a devoted Bush-lover. A person who seems to believe that Bush had only the good of the Iraqi people on his mind when he invaded their country. No, it's not as you might have expected. You may visit the blog of "Angry Pen" at .
In other news, I have finally finished my time table for university. This is mildly exciting. However, my bank account balance will drop significantly as I will go from working every waking hour of my life and making money to working and paying this institute of learning they call "University of Alberta" large sums of money. I cannot wait.

Have a good day. Please use the word meninges as much as possible today.


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