Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Couldn't see that one coming from a mile away.

So, with a little help from Todd "Captain Asshole" Bertuzzi and Chris "Captain Penalty" Pronger, Team Canada was able to give the Russian team ample chances to score. Thanks to Bertuzzi's little penalty early in the third, the Russians scored. We lost in the familiar 2-0 fashion. It's a good thing we had Brodeur. Maybe if the team had more of Canada's top NHL scorers...
Oh well, that's the outcome I expected anyway. The other teams are just better this time around.

We did, however, win four medals today. Also, The men's curling team made it into the finals. that was a good game.
A quick word from my dear friend, Blogger Spellcheck (still doesn't recognize the word 'blog'):

Bertuzzi = berths

Asshole = Ashley

Pronger = pronghorn

Bertuzzi's = virtuoso's

Brodeur = broader


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