Monday, December 06, 2004

6 Days and Counting...

That is how many days before the Survivor finale.

My team consists of Julie, Chris and Twila. j-roc's team consists of those who are not Julie, Chris or Twila. 3 to 2 in my favour.
Jason Night:1
Heather: 5$ richer. That is how it's going to be.

At any rate, we had our plastic factory Christmas party on Friday night. It was interesting. Much drama, as usual. On Saturday, it was Sierra's 19th birthday bash. We started at the Savoy on Whyte, then went to the Druid. It was a good time.

Blah I have neglected most extra-curricular activities for work and illness.
Next week: How Heather Got her Groove and/or nest back.


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