Monday, November 08, 2004

I'd make a mental note, but I wasted my mental notepad with doodles.

I care not for this weather.

I had my birthday shindig on Saturday, almost two weeks after the fact. Molly, j-roc (king of Academia), Rosis, Junibper, A and I went to The Iron Horse (where it was sick crowded). BAD and Tito came after work. It was mostly a good time.

I ran into ML today, and she told me of plans for a St. Albert pub crawl. Clearly the best idea EVER. Who wouldn't want to experience Lion & Crow, Blind Pig Pub and LB's all in the same night (clearly we'd also be going Yesterday's, O'Maille's and Crown & Tower, but I go to those places on occasion. Of course they still deserve to be made fun of)?

My English 112 prof e-mailed everyone in the class about a rally for post secondary education going on on the corner of 109 st. and Jasper Ave on November 18th from 3-5pm. I plan on attending. Care to join?

Excuse me while I keep on truckin'.


Blogger jon said...

I laughed out loud at your title, "I'd make a mental note, but I wasted my mental notepad with doodles." I wondered if the sticky note stuck in your memory.

I might steal that line someday, if I can remember where I put the mental note.

11:40 AM  

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