Wednesday, February 02, 2005

How could anyone heal after that?

j-roc and I went to see Shake Hands With the Devil today in CAB as part of international week. It was a very powerful, well-done documentary. I cried a little bit, became angry quite a bit (due to the ongoing apathy by the Western world about the Rwandan genocide. Hardly anyone went to Rwanda for the 10-year anniversary). Roméo Dallaire did, of course, seeing as the documentary was about his experiences as a general there. Michael Enright and Stephen Lewis were also in the documentary. Lewis took the opportunity to open cans of Verbal Whoop-Ass in many directions. It was awesome.

Dominic told me yesterday of a comment made by our PM, PM. According to Dom, he said something along the lines of being uncomfortable with same-sex marriage as a Catholic, but as a politician he cannot deny the fact that it's a human rights issue so his religion cannot be brought into it. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. At least ol' Paulie gets it, which is more than I can say about Ralphie. I guess the Church of Rednecks don't get it.

To Nightmares and meninges, Gen. Dallaire will be a forever suffering man. Sweet dreams.

Enright = enrage


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