Friday, September 10, 2004

Revolutions, Corrections and Hate Mail

I was walking home from the bus (the 203 and then the A3) yesterday morning at about 11:45 am. It seemed surreal, with the branches all over the ground and the quiet calm of the outdoors. Robins were everywhere, panic-stricken and noisy. Snow is evil.
Jo has joined the "blog revolution" as she calls it. You may read more about revolutions on her newborn blog, Singing Out Loud When the Sun Came Up.
I would just like to correct myself about something I said on my previous post. Escape Goat did not lose his luggage, rather the airline provided that service for him, let's hope free of charge.
If you remember a few posts ago, I mentioned receiving a harsh letter from the plastic factory where I work. It was about absenteeism, and I had missed four days of work in November because I had strep throat. I also mentioned that I would post it up here if I could find it. Well, I was cleaning my room yesterday and guess what? It's your lucky day, readership, because I found it!
Here it is (received on Aug 20/04):


With your most recent absence commencing on August 18, 2004, your absenteeism record has been reviewed. Absenteeism, whether for sickness or for any other reason, with its associated disruptions in the Company's operations, cannot be tolerated on an ongoing basis.
This letter is to confirm to you the seriousness with which [name of company I work for] views your absenteeism record. Your overall attendance continues to be a significant concern to us. We expect that you will take whatever measures are necessary for you to improve your attendance record.
As an employee of [name of company I work for] you are expected to perform the full duties and responsibilities of your position on a consistent and regular basis. I encourage you to take whatever steps necessary to improve your attendance record. If there is some explanation for your por attendance, I suggest you discuss that with me and if I can do anything to assist you in attending work on a more regular basis, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your position requires your commitment to attend your scheduled shifts, as frequent absences are disruptive to the efficient operations of the Company.
You have now advised us that you are ready and able to return to work and commence your normal duties. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at [phone number of company I work for].

[person in charge of HR]

And did I ever have questions and concerns.
Anyway, it's Molly's (spell check says: mollusk) 20th tonight, and I'm going to party it up now...


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So how was the party?

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Glad to hear it... say, what are you doing Friday at lunchtime?

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